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Editing and Data Manipulation

Benefits Features
  • No added expense of purchasing new software to edit and manage data.
  • Projection problems are gone and managed by EziLinkTM.
  • Use CAD data easier without headaches of transforming or re-projecting.
  • Find information to submit quickly and easily.
  • No need to use external applications to manipulate and view data.
  • Ensure successful submissions with the right tools to create, review and submit properly formatted content.
  • Make changes to submission information without impacting your source data.
  • EziLinkTM can be used without any third party software applications.  No mapping or database system is required to utilize the EziLinkTM for creating a properly formatted submission document.
  • Edit existing data or create new data through on-screen digitization.
  • Support for automatic re-projection of data from various projections to the supported submission projections.
  • Support for standard projections utilized in British Columbia:
    • BC Standard Albers Equal Area
    • UTM NAD83 (all BC Zones)
    • Geographics (latitude and longitude)
  • Support for re-projecting CAD data.
  • Supports basic layer theming and labeling of spatial data.
  • Query and selection of spatial data through attributes for incorporation into submissions.
  • Validate topology.
  • Perform spatial analysis on data such as buffering, overlaying, unions, etc...