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  Integration and Customization
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Integration and Customization

Benefits Features
  • No requirement to change the format of your data or move to a more expensive system to manage the data differently.
  • Works seamlessly with common formats used in British Columbia.
  • Work faster using existing information already collected and managed within your organization.
  • Designed to allow the application to be customized to connect directly to existing data and data schemas to automatically generate the submission content.
  • Works with various data formats.
  • Open architecture enables support for additional data formats such as ArcInfo Coverages, MapInfo, ESRI Personal Geodatabases, ArcSDE, DXF/DWG and other standard GIS/Mapping formats.
  • Open architectures enables support for attribute data source including Oracle, DBF, MS Access, or any database format supported by JDBC and/or ODBC.
  • Supports integration with standard forest management systems or custom in-house systems.