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BC Government Links

BC Forest Act
BC Gov - BC Imagery Web Map Services (WMS)
The Imagery Web Map Service (WMS ) provides orthophotography, hillshades and regional imagery covering various portions of British Columbia.
BC Gov - Digital Road Atlas of BC
The Digital Road Atlas (DRA) program exists to provide a single, authoritative source of road data for the Province.
BC Government Directory
Telephone and email directory for BC Government employees.
BC Government Internet Mapping Sites
This site lists links to all BC Government internet mapping applications.
BC Timber Sales
BC Timber Sales Home Page.
BCeID Registration for Electronic Forestry Management Applications.
Environment Canada Weather Office
This site provides a look at the weekend weather.
FLNRO - As Built Road Submission Requirements (Sept 10, 2004, V1.0)
Submission requirements to submit as built roads.
FLNRO - BC Map Services
DataBC offers data connection services that allow users to view thousands of data layers from the B.C. Geographic Warehouse (BCGW) in desktop geospatial software or via web-based map applications.
FLNRO - Business and Policy Documentation
The documents found on this webpage provide information on RESULTS policies and procedures.
FLNRO - Cutting Permit and Road Tenure Administration Manual. Version 4.0 August 2015
FLNRO business document to provide guidance on the administration of cutting permits and road tenures. Within the context of current legislation and policy. The manual establishes business processes, rules and guidance for the tenure application process.
FLNRO - Electronic Submission Framework
Electronic Submission Framework Home Page.
FLNRO - Electronic Submission Framework Questions and Answers
FTA and RESULTS Electronic Submission Framework (ESF) questions and answers.
FLNRO - Electronic Submission Framework Training Guide
ESF Overview Training Guide v1.0.
FLNRO - Forest Planning and Practices Regulation
FRPA legislation.
FLNRO - Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP) Tracking System
The FSP Tracking System is a central electronic repository of spatially enabled FSP documents. Forest Licensees, BC Timber Sales and MoFR users can electronically manage FSP submissions, determinations and retrieval of plans post approval.
FLNRO - Forest Tenures Business and Policy Documentation
This site provides information on forest tenure policies and procedures.
FLNRO - Forest Tenures Website
This site provides information for forest tenure submissions via the Electronic Submission Framework (ESF).
FLNRO - Forestry Acronyms
ACRONYM: A word formed from the initial letters of a group of words, such as RADAR (radio detection and ranging) and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).
FLNRO - FTA ESF Submission Technical Specifications
FTA Schema 9 XML Specification for licensees.
FLNRO - Post Harvest Reporting Requirements for Small Scale Salvage Licences to Cut (September 20, 2006)
A guide to clarify free growing liabilities and data input standards to RESULTS for the Small Scale Salvage Program (SSSP).
FLNRO - Resource Tenures & Engineering Branch
Resource Tenures & Engineering Branch Home Page.
Reporting Silviculture Updates and Land status Tracking System Home Page.
FLNRO - RESULTS Information Submission Specifications for Government Funded Silviculture Activities Edition 4a, May 2014
This guide summarizes requirements for preparing and submitting information pertaining to Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (MFLNRO) funded silviculture activities (treatments and surveys) to RESULTS (Reporting Silviculture Update
FLNRO - RESULTS Information Submission Specifications. 4th Edition, Feb 26, 2016
These specifications provide direction on the form and manner (or format of electronic submissions for submissions that support outstanding FPCBCA obligations), of annual reporting requirements by describing electronic reporting requirements for silvicult
FLNRO - RESULTS Questions & Answers
RESULTS Q & A contains users question submitted to APPHELP.
FLNRO - RESULTS Technical Specifications
RESULTS Technical Specifications.
FLNRO - RESULTS Training Materials
FLNRO - Revenue Branch - Waste System
The Waste system is a web-based system which allows clients to enter, view, update print and submit waste assessment plans and data via the internet.
FLNRO - Streamlining Forest Information Project
The FLNRO in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands and the forest industry, has undertaken a project to streamline the Core Forest Information Cycle.
FLNRO - Submitting Forest Coer to RESULTS for opening with Treed Retention (Mar 31, 2014, 1.3 Edition)
Examples on how to submit Forest Covers for openings with Treed Retention.
ILMB - Natural Resource Information Centre (NRIC)
The Natural Resource Information Centre is a window into provincial natural resource data sources provided by various ministries and agencies.
Industry & BCTS Guide to the Submission of Road Tenure via the Electronic Submission Framework (ESF) v2.5 June 2007
This manual provides guidance on the submission of Road Tenures through the Electronic Submission Framework (ESF), within the current legislative and systems framework, to forest industry staff, and BC Timber Sales Staff.
Industry Guide to the Preparation and Submission of Forest Tenure and Permit Documents via the Electronic Submission Framework (ESF) v1.4 February 2, 2009
This manual provides guidance on the submission of Forest Tenures through the Electronic Submission Framework (ESF), within the current legislative and systems framework, to the forest industry. Interim update for FTA Schema 9.
MoAL - Integrated Registries Branch - Tenure Business Support Section
The Tenure Business Support Section is responsible for the creation and maintenance of digital Forest Atlas files for the province of British Columbia encompassing Forest and Range Act Tenures.
MSRM - Map Projection Standard
Specific standards for using map projections in various situations.

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